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Access to St Marys Island - Tide Times

Access to the Island is restricted due to the tide as the causeway is covered by the sea for aproximately 4 Hours at each high tide. (Aproximately 2 hours either side if the high tide time.)

The exact amount of time depends on the height of the tides and weather conditions.

A notice is posted beside the causeway which gives more exact times when the causeway will be covered

Details are given below of the high and low tide times and are to be used as a guide only. Details posted locally should be checked. The table also give the height of each of the tides.

2014-09-01Low Tide1:49 AM BST1.43 mHigh Tide7:56 AM BST4.58 m
 Low Tide2:19 PM BST1.39 mHigh Tide8:28 PM BST4.43 m
2014-09-02High Tide9:26 PM BST4.26 mLow Tide3:13 PM BST1.63 m
 High Tide8:51 AM BST4.37 mLow Tide2:37 AM BST1.62 m
2014-09-03Low Tide3:41 AM BST1.79 mHigh Tide10:03 AM BST4.18 m
 Low Tide4:26 PM BST1.82 mHigh Tide10:39 PM BST4.17 m
2014-09-04High Tide11:59 PM BST4.24 mLow Tide5:52 PM BST1.84 m
 High Tide11:29 AM BST4.15 mLow Tide5:07 AM BST1.84 m
2014-09-05Low Tide6:38 AM BST1.65 mHigh Tide12:51 PM BST4.32 m
 Low Tide7:12 PM BST1.66 m
2014-09-06Low Tide8:16 PM BST1.35 mHigh Tide1:58 PM BST4.61 m
 Low Tide7:52 AM BST1.27 mHigh Tide1:11 AM BST4.49 m
2014-09-07High Tide2:12 AM BST4.84 mLow Tide8:50 AM BST0.85 m
 High Tide2:54 PM BST4.93 mLow Tide9:08 PM BST1.02 m
2014-09-08Low Tide9:55 PM BST0.74 mHigh Tide3:43 PM BST5.20 m
 Low Tide9:40 AM BST0.48 mHigh Tide3:04 AM BST5.18 m
2014-09-09High Tide3:52 AM BST5.47 mLow Tide10:26 AM BST0.22 m
 High Tide4:29 PM BST5.38 mLow Tide10:39 PM BST0.55 m
2014-09-10Low Tide11:22 PM BST0.47 mHigh Tide5:13 PM BST5.44 m
 Low Tide11:10 AM BST0.11 mHigh Tide4:38 AM BST5.65 m
2014-09-11High Tide5:23 AM BST5.70 mLow Tide11:53 AM BST0.16 m
 High Tide5:56 PM BST5.37 m
2014-09-12High Tide6:38 PM BST5.20 mLow Tide12:35 PM BST0.37 m
 High Tide6:07 AM BST5.60 mLow Tide12:04 AM BST0.52 m
2014-09-13Low Tide12:46 AM BST0.69 mHigh Tide6:52 AM BST5.37 m
 Low Tide1:17 PM BST0.70 mHigh Tide7:21 PM BST4.95 m
2014-09-14High Tide8:07 PM BST4.65 mLow Tide1:59 PM BST1.11 m
 High Tide7:38 AM BST5.04 mLow Tide1:29 AM BST0.95 m
2014-09-15Low Tide2:15 AM BST1.27 mHigh Tide8:28 AM BST4.67 m
 Low Tide2:46 PM BST1.53 mHigh Tide8:58 PM BST4.36 m
2014-09-16High Tide10:00 PM BST4.12 mLow Tide3:43 PM BST1.91 m
 High Tide9:28 AM BST4.30 mLow Tide3:10 AM BST1.60 m
2014-09-17Low Tide4:20 AM BST1.86 mHigh Tide10:41 AM BST4.05 m
 Low Tide5:00 PM BST2.16 mHigh Tide11:15 PM BST4.01 m
2014-09-18Low Tide6:28 PM BST2.19 mHigh Tide12:04 PM BST3.98 m
 Low Tide5:49 AM BST1.94 m
2014-09-19High Tide12:33 AM BST4.08 mLow Tide7:11 AM BST1.80 m
 High Tide1:17 PM BST4.10 mLow Tide7:38 PM BST2.03 m
2014-09-20Low Tide8:28 PM BST1.80 mHigh Tide2:13 PM BST4.30 m
 Low Tide8:10 AM BST1.56 mHigh Tide1:37 AM BST4.28 m
2014-09-21High Tide2:27 AM BST4.51 mLow Tide8:54 AM BST1.32 m
 High Tide2:55 PM BST4.51 mLow Tide9:06 PM BST1.57 m
2014-09-22Low Tide9:39 PM BST1.36 mHigh Tide3:31 PM BST4.70 m
 Low Tide9:30 AM BST1.12 mHigh Tide3:07 AM BST4.71 m
2014-09-23High Tide3:41 AM BST4.87 mLow Tide10:02 AM BST0.96 m
 High Tide4:03 PM BST4.85 mLow Tide10:11 PM BST1.18 m
2014-09-24Low Tide10:41 PM BST1.06 mHigh Tide4:33 PM BST4.96 m
 Low Tide10:33 AM BST0.85 mHigh Tide4:12 AM BST4.99 m
2014-09-25High Tide4:42 AM BST5.06 mLow Tide11:03 AM BST0.79 m
 High Tide5:03 PM BST5.03 mLow Tide11:12 PM BST1.00 m
2014-09-26Low Tide11:43 PM BST1.01 mHigh Tide5:33 PM BST5.04 m
 Low Tide11:33 AM BST0.80 mHigh Tide5:12 AM BST5.09 m
2014-09-27High Tide5:43 AM BST5.06 mLow Tide12:03 PM BST0.87 m
 High Tide6:04 PM BST4.99 m
2014-09-28High Tide6:36 PM BST4.90 mLow Tide12:35 PM BST1.00 m
 High Tide6:15 AM BST4.99 mLow Tide12:14 AM BST1.06 m
2014-09-29Low Tide12:49 AM BST1.17 mHigh Tide6:52 AM BST4.85 m
 Low Tide1:12 PM BST1.19 mHigh Tide7:14 PM BST4.77 m
2014-09-30High Tide8:00 PM BST4.58 mLow Tide1:55 PM BST1.43 m
 High Tide7:37 AM BST4.66 mLow Tide1:29 AM BST1.32 m
2014-10-01High Tide8:59 PM BST4.39 mLow Tide2:50 PM BST1.70 m
 High Tide8:33 AM BST4.43 mLow Tide2:19 AM BST1.51 m
2014-10-02Low Tide3:25 AM BST1.68 mHigh Tide9:48 AM BST4.23 m
 Low Tide4:04 PM BST1.91 mHigh Tide10:14 PM BST4.27 m
2014-10-03High Tide11:37 PM BST4.33 mLow Tide5:32 PM BST1.94 m
 High Tide11:15 AM BST4.20 mLow Tide4:52 AM BST1.73 m
2014-10-04Low Tide6:22 AM BST1.55 mHigh Tide12:36 PM BST4.37 m
 Low Tide6:53 PM BST1.75 m
2014-10-05Low Tide7:57 PM BST1.43 mHigh Tide1:42 PM BST4.66 m
 Low Tide7:35 AM BST1.20 mHigh Tide12:51 AM BST4.56 m
2014-10-06High Tide1:53 AM BST4.88 mLow Tide8:32 AM BST0.83 m
 High Tide2:36 PM BST4.95 mLow Tide8:50 PM BST1.10 m
2014-10-07Low Tide9:36 PM BST0.82 mHigh Tide3:23 PM BST5.19 m
 Low Tide9:21 AM BST0.53 mHigh Tide2:45 AM BST5.20 m
2014-10-08High Tide3:33 AM BST5.45 mLow Tide10:05 AM BST0.34 m
 High Tide4:07 PM BST5.34 mLow Tide10:19 PM BST0.63 m
2014-10-09Low Tide11:01 PM BST0.55 mHigh Tide4:49 PM BST5.39 m
 Low Tide10:47 AM BST0.30 mHigh Tide4:18 AM BST5.58 m
2014-10-10High Tide5:01 AM BST5.59 mLow Tide11:28 AM BST0.40 m
 High Tide5:31 PM BST5.33 mLow Tide11:42 PM BST0.59 m
2014-10-11High Tide6:11 PM BST5.18 mLow Tide12:08 PM BST0.62 m
 High Tide5:45 AM BST5.47 m
2014-10-12Low Tide12:24 AM BST0.74 mHigh Tide6:28 AM BST5.24 m
 Low Tide12:48 PM BST0.93 mHigh Tide6:52 PM BST4.97 m
2014-10-13High Tide7:34 PM BST4.71 mLow Tide1:27 PM BST1.30 m
 High Tide7:13 AM BST4.93 mLow Tide1:05 AM BST0.97 m
2014-10-14Low Tide1:50 AM BST1.26 mHigh Tide8:01 AM BST4.59 m
 Low Tide2:09 PM BST1.67 mHigh Tide8:21 PM BST4.44 m
2014-10-15High Tide9:18 PM BST4.20 mLow Tide2:59 PM BST2.00 m
 High Tide8:56 AM BST4.25 mLow Tide2:40 AM BST1.56 m
2014-10-16High Tide10:29 PM BST4.04 mLow Tide4:06 PM BST2.25 m
 High Tide10:04 AM BST4.01 mLow Tide3:43 AM BST1.82 m
2014-10-17Low Tide5:02 AM BST1.95 mHigh Tide11:22 AM BST3.92 m
 Low Tide5:31 PM BST2.33 mHigh Tide11:47 PM BST4.04 m
2014-10-18Low Tide6:51 PM BST2.20 mHigh Tide12:37 PM BST4.02 m
 Low Tide6:24 AM BST1.88 m
2014-10-19High Tide12:55 AM BST4.18 mLow Tide7:28 AM BST1.69 m
 High Tide1:35 PM BST4.22 mLow Tide7:49 PM BST1.97 m
2014-10-20Low Tide8:32 PM BST1.71 mHigh Tide2:20 PM BST4.44 m
 Low Tide8:16 AM BST1.46 mHigh Tide1:49 AM BST4.38 m
2014-10-21High Tide2:32 AM BST4.58 mLow Tide8:55 AM BST1.26 m
 High Tide2:58 PM BST4.65 mLow Tide9:08 PM BST1.48 m
2014-10-22Low Tide9:42 PM BST1.28 mHigh Tide3:31 PM BST4.84 m
 Low Tide9:28 AM BST1.08 mHigh Tide3:08 AM BST4.76 m
2014-10-23High Tide3:41 AM BST4.91 mLow Tide10:00 AM BST0.94 m
 High Tide4:02 PM BST4.98 mLow Tide10:14 PM BST1.12 m
2014-10-24Low Tide10:47 PM BST1.01 mHigh Tide4:33 PM BST5.08 m
 Low Tide10:32 AM BST0.86 mHigh Tide4:13 AM BST5.02 m
2014-10-25High Tide4:46 AM BST5.09 mLow Tide11:05 AM BST0.85 m
 High Tide5:05 PM BST5.13 mLow Tide11:21 PM BST0.97 m
2014-10-26Low Tide10:57 PM GMT0.99 mHigh Tide4:39 PM GMT5.12 m
 Low Tide10:39 AM GMT0.90 mHigh Tide4:20 AM GMT5.10 m
2014-10-27High Tide4:58 AM GMT5.04 mLow Tide11:15 AM GMT1.03 m
 High Tide5:15 PM GMT5.05 mLow Tide11:35 PM GMT1.07 m
2014-10-28High Tide5:56 PM GMT4.92 mLow Tide11:55 AM GMT1.22 m
 High Tide5:39 AM GMT4.91 m
2014-10-29Low Tide12:19 AM GMT1.19 mHigh Tide6:28 AM GMT4.72 m
 Low Tide12:41 PM GMT1.46 mHigh Tide6:44 PM GMT4.75 m
2014-10-30High Tide7:43 PM GMT4.57 mLow Tide1:37 PM GMT1.70 m
 High Tide7:27 AM GMT4.51 mLow Tide1:12 AM GMT1.35 m
2014-10-31Low Tide2:18 AM GMT1.50 mHigh Tide8:39 AM GMT4.33 m
 Low Tide2:48 PM GMT1.90 mHigh Tide8:56 PM GMT4.45 m

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